Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Schedule and Lifting Weights

I haven't been blogging here much lately, but I am still training for my race. I haven't signed up yet, so don't go taking my spot. Just kidding. I'm super stoked because I think my little brother's gonna fly down and run it with me. (He lives in Utah.) He thinks he's all cool because he's been training on pretty running trails in Park City and I have the "scenic" Bakersfield bike trail. I'm gonna be the one laughing when I smoke him on race day though. (My brother isn't a runner, but he's always in great shape, so I'm just talking big...He'll probably beat me.) At any rate, I'm excited we're running together.

I'm really paranoid about getting hurt again, so I'm sticking to running 3 days a week for now. I'll probably run more often when I get closer to the race. Today my work out was as follows:

Stepper- 40 minutes at the gym
Leg Press - 4 sets
Leg Extensions- 3 sets
Lunges with dumbbells- 3 sets
Free motion squat machine- 4 sets

Manana I'm going to run 6 miles on the bike trail. Maybe Chest and Abs at gym
Friday- Stepper and back at gym
Saturday- 9 miles on the bike trail.

That's it folks!


  1. That's awesome that your brother will be joining you! Yeay!

    I wish I could run more days each week, too, but my body doesn't seem to like it. Like I can get away with it for awhile and then my body will let me know - in no uncertain terms - that it's not happy with me.

  2. To run with your brother - Priceless.
    Great job with the training. You are looking strong and will do well in the race.