Monday, September 21, 2009

Pre Marathon Training Plan 9/21-9/26

Monday- Run to gym, upper-body lifting routine, run home
Tuesday- 5 mile easy run at 8:29 pace
Wednesday- 3 miles plus lower-body lifting routine
Thursday- 5 mile easy run 8:29 pace
Friday- 2 miles, upper body lifting routine
Saturday- 7 mile long run at 8:29-9:29 pace

I have some time before my schedule starts. My plan right now is to get back into a running routine and start weight lifting. My legs are strong but my upper body is not, and I'd like to be more balanced. Consequently, I've decided I'm going to lift 3 times a week atleast until my schedule starts. I haven't decided which marathon schedule I'm going to use. I'm still deciding between a FIRST schedule, one of Hal Higdon's, or a mixture of both. I saw online that there are a lot of marathon books at the library, so I may go there today and check out a few.


  1. i 2nd marlene! weight lifting is definitely a good habit (and training) to get into. i've fallen out of touch, and i know i need to get back to it.

  2. Great idea to lay a good base and get strong before your marathon training.

  3. Looks like a great pre-training plan!
    I have always used Hal Higdon's plans and have liked them.