Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I did 2 1600's at an average 7:55 avg. pace, and then 1 800 at the same pace. After that I road a bike for 10 minutes. I was supposed to do 4 800's but I decided not to. I'm trying to listen to my body. In my respective 1600 hundreds I warmed up at about 10:00 minute miles for .20 of a mile and then I ran the rest anywhere from anywhere from a 7:53 to a 6:48 pace. I felt good about this progression. I think my cross training is paying off and I'm getting stronger. I've changed my running days this week because my parents are going to be in town so Friday I'm going to run a 10 mile run. I haven't decided whether to run it outside or on the treadmill. A treadmill helps me keep track of my speed because I don't have a Garmin, but outside is so much more fun.


  1. You're amazing! I wish we were closer so maybe you could motivate me to run!!! :}

  2. Hi Laura! It's Margaux. How awesome that you are a runner!! Yeah! Sorry because I don't know but is little one yours? How do you manage running and a baby? I'm trying to figure that one out still... :) My email is