Saturday, October 17, 2009

7 Mile Long Run

Usually, 7 miles isn't much of a long run, but it was long for me today. I haven't run a ton of long distances since my last half marathon, and so it felt good to get more than a few miles under my belt. I actually felt great, minus the vanilla Powerbar gel I took that tasted like poo. They usually taste bad to me, but this one tasted REALLY bad. I'm going to try hard with nutrition this training cycle. I've been against making a food journal because I think food was created specifically for my personal enjoyment, but if I'm going to run a FULL marathon, than I might as well do my best to lose a few pounds. We'll see...


  1. Good job getting out there for some miles!

    I hear you on the food thing...

  2. Ugh nutrition is my nemisis I swear. I need to be more accountable! Good luck and stay on track!