Friday, January 8, 2010

First 20 miler, 10 miler with 6 LT miles, and

I was supposed to log 54 miles this week and I fulfilled that goal. Holla! I felt accomplished, because not only did I do my first 20 miler, but I ran 1 mile less this week than where my schedule peaks. That means it's not a stretch to accomplish any of my workouts from here on out. This was also my 8th week of training. Just 10 more to go!

On Thursday I did a 10 mile run with 6 miles at lactate threshold pace. I accidentally ran 11 and did the 6 LT miles at an average 7:54 pace. That's a little slower than I've been running that. My body wasn't really tired but I kept having to remind my head to stay in it for some reason...It's amazing how much of running is mental.

Today I ran my first 20 miler. I think the 18, (probably more like 19,) miles I ran last week, really gave me confidence for this week. I didn't time myself last week and I ran on a bike trail in CA, so the circumstances were different for several reasons. I knew I ran slow last week, so my goal this week was to stay within 45 seconds of my marathon goal pace, (8:20.) Realistically, I know that I'm probably not going to run at that pace on my first marathon, but that's close to what my half marathon times translated to on the McMillan Running Calculator so I just went with it. (Yes, I know that the calculator is usually off, but I had to set some sort of time goal to base my training runs on.)

The following is how my 20 miler broke down today:

I decided to run 5 miles 4 times on a treadmill. I chose to run the 20 miler on the 'mill today because 1) I'm lame, 2) I caught a cold again at Disneyworld...(the esposo's whole family got one, and the last thing I want to do is get sick again like I was before,) 3)I find reasons to not run in the snow, (just see reason #1), and 4) It's easy to see how fast I'm going.

The first 5 miles I ran at an average 9:05 pace and the second 5 miles I ran at an average 8:57 pace. After mile 10 I went to the bathroom and filled up my 20 oz. water bottle again. The 3rd set of 5 miles I ran at a 8:57 pace again, and the last set of 5 miles I ran at a 8:49 pace, with the last mile at an 8:41 pace. Miles 16, 18, and 20, I also ran at a 1.0 incline, just to spice things up.

Besides when I went to the bathroom, there wasn't a lot of time in between my sets. I decided to restart the treadmill every 5 miles because it times out after an hour of running and I didn't want to have to count from wherever I ended. I'm curious to know how much running on a treadmill and having to stop will effect my performance on race day. I also wish I could figure out how to not go to the bathroom on long runs.

My long runs are making it apparent that I need to learn how to fuel properly. I drank 20 oz. of Gatorade, 20 oz. of water, and 1.5 GUs. (I know I should be fueling more.) This is something I'm going to work on...I've now tried a variety of gels and shot blocks and they all make me want to puke. My favorite thus far have been the Hammer gels, so I think I'm going to buy those again this week.

One more thing, Maureen from RUNNINGCOMPANYSHOES.COM contacted me after she read my lament on my blog about not being able to afford new Waverider 12's. Although, I still can't afford another pair of shoes right now, (I only get shoes for Christmas and my birthday,) I looked at her website and she has the new Waverider 13's for $80.95. That's a FREAKIN' STEAL! I wish I would have found her website before Christmas. Anyways, check her website out and see if your favorite shoes are in stock! I know I'm going there when I can afford a pair.


  1. If you haven't tried them yet, check out Honey Stingers chews ( They are all natural and taste good, and are the only thing that doesn't seriously anger my stomach on long runs, LOL!

  2. Great Job Laura. Thanks for the link on McMillan RUnning Calculater. Had to go there and check it out, and I am sure glad that I did. Glad you found an avenue for the shoes. have a good one.

  3. nice job on the long run! i almost always take a couple breaks on runs, never really worried about the effect on the race. (race day atmosphere, adrenaline seems to keep me going!) and luckily somehow i usually don't need a portapotty stop either. i'm sure you're breaks weren't like 10 minutes and aren't really a big deal.

    i've done a few long runs on the treadmill too b/c i'm too lazy to go outside/am randomly motivated by the constant speed. at the same time, it's tough! congrats on the 54mile week!

  4. I agree with Lindsay, race day is always different! I take short breaks every 5 miles as well to refuel and potty stop. I've never done a long run on a tread mill thankfully so kudo's to you!!!

  5. Congrats on nailing your mileage for the week, and way to go on the 20. 20 miles on a treadmill - I would never survive that!

  6. Thanks for the write up!! I'm glad you'll be getting some shoes from us! Check out Runner Dude's Blog. He's doing a contest and you could win a $50 gift certificate to our website. Maybe you could get shoes that aren't for your birthday or Christmas!!

  7. You are looking strong, good speed, good distance, and will do better then you imagined on race day. The taper really allows your body to get a full recovery, and you will find yourself strong on race morning. Keep the momentum going and run with purpose.