Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Newsish...

Today was supposed to be my 2nd 20 miler but I biked 37 miles instead, because of my ankle. I don't really know what an equivalent workout on a bike is...Any help would be appreciated. That's not the good news though...When I saw my Dr. last week, (who actually ended up being the PA,) he told me that if the radiology department saw anything else on my X-rays he'd give me a call...Well, low and behold, I received a telephone call yesterday from good ol' Dr. Frampton and he said they noticed "agitation and trauma" on my bone. I don't really know what that means, but he said since he knew I really wanted to run this race, he'd okay me to see the podiatrist and they'd run more tests. (I go to my husband's University's health center, so they have a different chain of command than your average doctor's office.) So, the good news in all of this, is that I'll get a better answer about what's going on, and will hopefully be able to still run my race. (My new appointment is on Monday.) Thanks to you all for your advice about cross training...It remotivated me to get out the door.


  1. I’m confident that the stepper is 1 to 1 at a minimum. The elliptical is another great machine for getting the muscles and cardio system working without all the pounding. It also helps in increasing your turnover rate which makes you faster. For high mileage weeks, I use these to get my miles in without beating my body up too much. I’m not sure about cycling distance, but it serves the same purpose for working your system with an additive benefit of increasing your leg turnover rate (if in a high gear) and working other muscles you don’t always use during running.
    I would not think so much in terms of distance as I would in time. If I had a 1 hour run schedule but could not make it outside, then I would do 1 hour on the elliptical, or what ever I could use that would get my heart rate up and work my system. I don’t like machines because I find them boring, but I’ve learned in time to adjust my attitude and get creative (good music and put my mind else ware) so I can get the benefit they have to offer. I do this at least twice a week. Running is the best way to train for running, but machines do have a lot we can benefit from. I also do weight training 2 times a week which helps to strengthen all your muscles and avoid injuries. Sometimes when we only run, only the running muscles get really strong but the other muscles don’t (imbalance of muscle strength) which puts a lot of strain on them along with joints, ligaments…..This is what I’ve learned through my own personal trial and error. Hope this helps!

  2. Glad to hear that you are coming out of this and heading to your race. Also good to hear that your cross training helped with your motivation. Way to go. Im not that experienced so cant help with the bike run equivalence thing, but thought to give you some encouraging words. Hope Monday brings you good news. Best Wishes.