Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Biggest Loser Winner: Danny Cahill + His Song - Second Chance

I'm not very good at watching shows every week, but I sometimes tune into the Biggest Loser and I'm so glad Danny won!!!! Loved that guy. I knew he used to be sort of a rock star and I saw this video online and thought he was really good. I'd totally listen to this while running! The esposo is a little cynical and thought this was a little too commercial...but who cares...Make some money off that million dollar smile Danny! Anyways, after watching that show I'm always inspired to drop a few. Too bad I've only lost 1 pound since I've started training for this marathon. Embarrassing, I know.


  1. NOT embarrassing at all. I'm not an expert but with the added mileage, so does the added fuel come into play. It's actually normal for a runner to remain at same weight or even gain. As far as the biggest loser, I have one question. I wonder who does the skin graphs with all the weight loss. Is it healthy for you to lose that much weight that fast since your skin is your largest organ? Just wondering and pondering. Anyways, have a great day and I wish you the best success during your marathon training. Keep it up! Hey, 1 pound is still 1 pound. Could be the other way around. Sori for the long comment.

  2. ahh i didn't know he put a song out! too cool. i love biggest loser! it is the ONLY show i have watched on tv for the past...however many months. basically since february! (though i know it hasn't been on that long)

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