Sunday, December 6, 2009

Training for a Marathon Sick: What do you do?

I was all worried about my 14 miler this week because my 8 miler went to the crapper on Wednesday because I was sick...Actually, I'm still sick but the run actually went okay. I was bummed I had to extend my 8 miler across two days to finish it, but at least I got my other two major runs in. (10 miler on Monday and the 14 miler yesterday.) I was supposed to log 40 miles this week and I logged 40.5, just by accident. I'm just glad I got the miles in. This week my long run is going to be upped to 15 miles. I've only run that far once, so this is where things could start getting hairy for me...We'll see how my body fares.

Anyways, I don't know whether to hold back because I still have a sore throat, cough, and congestion, or whether I should continue to try to do my schedule without alterations. What do you do when you're sick and training for a marathon? I know we just have to listen to our own bodies but do you have any advice?


  1. i've always heard that if it's in your head (runny nose, headache) it's ok to run but if it's in your chest take time to rest.

    ultimately, it's up to how you feel. maybe go out and try 1-2 miles and if you really aren't feeling good, go home and rest. missing a few runs in marathon training isn't the end of the world. better to take 3-4 days to rest than drag a cold/bug out for weeks!

    hope you are feeling better, don't feel guilty about cutting runs short or resting.

  2. Like Lindsay said: In your head, go ahead; in your chest, take a rest.

    It's hard to skip runs in training, but sometimes you're better off in the long run (heh) to let yourself get better.

    Hope you are feeling better SOON!

  3. I would have to team up with the last two commenters, Lindsay and Marlene. If you are sick, you are sick. I would listen to your body to determine whether or not a run should be in the works for you or not. I hope you feel better.

  4. I concur with all the above! Good luck girl!

  5. i know that if i take a day or two off and get lots of sleep i can usually kick a cold pretty fast, so thats what i tend to do. its so hard to know what to skip.