Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chicken Shawarma Recipe, H1N1 Shot, + 14 Miles Manana

The past few days have been depressing running wise. Early this week I got the H1N1 flu shot with my son because we're going to Disneyworld over the holidays. (I don't like getting those sorts of things, but because of all the traveling we're doing in December, I finally decided to do it.) I already had sort of a cold, and the combination of that and the shot, I think, have just made me down in the dumps and lethargic. On Wednesday I was supposed to do an 8 mile run with 4 miles at LT pace, but I only ran 3.5 miles with 1 mile at LT pace. The next day I ran 4 miles with 2 at LT pace to catch up on mileage. Major bummer. I was thinking that my LT pace was going to to be faster this week. I'm trying to take care of myself though, while still getting in the miles. Hopefully my 14 mile run tomorrow goes well. I still have this itch in my throat that won't go away and I hope it doesn't get worse.

On another note, I made Chicken Shawarma this week and it was really good. I think I mentioned before that I love Eastern European food because of my Armenian heritage. I've had Chicken Shawarma before, but found this recipe on CookingLight and decided to try it. The esposo told me to not put the yogurt mixture on his, but I didn't anyways, and he liked it. (He doesn't always thank me when I ignore is picky food wishes, but he did this time.) Anyways, this recipe is healthy and good. It also tasted great with whole wheat pita. Try it, it won't disappoint.

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