Sunday, November 22, 2009

12 mile run completed: 17 weeks to go!

I was glad to complete my 12 mile run yesterday pretty easily, (at an average 9:27 pace,) and have a week of marathon training completed. My ankles and knees feel a little sore but I'm really being hypersensitive about any pains because I have this fear I'm going to get hurt and won't be able to finish my training...I'm gonna think good thoughts and hope for the best though.

I was supposed to run 33 miles this week and accomplished that. I was also glad that my 4 mile lactate threshold attempt on my 8 mile run on Monday was successful. I know people have different ways of calculating that but I'm just using my best half marathon pace as mentioned in Advanced Marathoning. (7:47) I'll try harder on that though, as my training progresses.

Anyways, here's my schedule for this week:

Monday- 8 miles w/ 10 x 100 m strides
Tuesday- Rest or cross training
Wednesday- 10 miles -general aerobic
Thursday- Rest or cross training
Friday- 5 mile Recovery run
Saturday- 13 miles with 8 at marathon race pace

Total Miles: 36

I know I won't qualify for Boston on my first marathon. I don't even know if it's realistic for me to shoot for running under 4 hours, but I think that's very possible and something I'd be proud of. I've been a little torn about whether or not I should train like I was going to qualify for Boston, (with an 8:20 race pace,) and just hope I make it in under 4 hours on race day, or if I should train at a slower pace so I don't get hurt. When I have goals in my mind I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person, and so I've gone back and forth on this. Any suggestions?


  1. Im not that experienced of a runner, and have not ran any marathons. But I suggest doing one thing, and that is doing your best. And thats all one could hope for. give it your all and when you finish the line, the rest is history. Good luck in your training.

  2. That’s a tough question – If you have solid base mileage already built-up, then I would say go for the Boston. Otherwise you risk injury and setbacks which is worse. Based on your current training, looks like a sub 4 is very achievable. Use your first Marathon as an experience builder, relish in the moment, and then build off it to raise your own personal bar. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for the first time – Train smart and then enjoy the accomplishment. When I go into a race, I set two goals: 1) To finish, 2) What I’m realistically capable of based on my training if having a great day.

  3. I tend to think it's a better idea to go into your first without lofty time goals. Train safe & smart to arrive at the starting line injury free. You just never know how your body will handle that kind of mileage.

  4. I agree with pie in the sky goal gave me so much anxiety on race day...the stess made my body shut down. That is not to say that you should not train and run as strong as you can.. But pay attention to your body and avoid injury at all costs.

  5. Hope you and family have a happy Thanksgiving!

  6. i think with your half PR a BQ is DEF in range for you, BUT i also think that putting a big time goal pressure on your first marathon often leads to some disappointment (unless of course you get it hehe). for me the first marathon was all about figuring out the distance, knowing i could go that far, etc. i think your first marathon is something SO awesome, so as long as you go into it with the right mindset it will be great.