Monday, November 16, 2009

8 miles: 4 at Lactate Threshold

Today I ran 8 miles. The first two I warmed up, the middle 4 I ran at a 7:47 pace, and the last 2 I cooled down. I felt good and it wasn't very difficult again. I don't own a Garmin so I do most of my lactate threshold miles on the 'mill. (I can't really think of an alternative.) Do people without a Garmin just carry around a pen and paper when they run? Seriously, I guess I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box, because I haven't figured out how Garminless people track their pace unless they are just averaging. Seems too tedious for me...

Anyways, this hasn't been a huge problem for me because I like running both outside and on the treadmill, but I understand that the closer I can get to running like I will be on race day, the better off I'll be. I'll just do what I can, I guess.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I think I'm gonna do a yoga class.


  1. I have NO idea what I would do without a Garmin!

    Good job on the run!

  2. No clue what I would do without my Garmin. I got it last year for Christmas..BEST GIFT EVER!!

    So I have been told once that I look like Katherine Heigl..but that was from my bestfriend's little sister...being told that from you totally made my day.. THANK YOU!!


  3. Yes, without a Garmin you would just estimate. Tempo/lactate threshold should be "comfortably hard," meaning you are running too fast to carry a conversation but you are not going all out. I know, not the same as knowing your pace.

  4. i used to run with just-a-watch and map my route ( out in advance so i knew roughly where each mile was. probably wasn't the most accurate, but it did the job! it is a lot by feel as well, but i need data to help motivate me :) after awhile i knew where my mile markers were on different routes so i didn't have to map all the time.