Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 2 + 36 miles completed

Today I did my 13 mile run. I usually eat well before runs but ran today on a bowl of cocoa puffs and feel that was one reason I felt like shiz during the 8 miles I ran at marathon pace. My goal was to run an average 8:20 pace but I averaged 8:12, which I feel good about. I brought a strawberry-banana Powerbar gel, and decided to use that instead of the rest of my Swedish fish. (I used the candy for the first half of my run.) I chugged the gel with tons of water and I could barely taste it, thankfully.
This week I have 40 miles on the schedule with a 14 mile long run. 16 weeks to go!


  1. Congratulations on this weeks training and your 13 mile run. CoaCoa puffs huh? Cool. I am beginning to experiment with different pre run feuls. Good Luck on your next week and the 14 miler. Great job on the 8:12 pace. Keep it up. BTW, cool quote there on the right about the body and mind!

  2. Nutrition can make such a difference. You still killed the pace, so congrats!!

  3. WOW 8:12 pace? That is awesome. I hope one day i can do that just for like 3 miles.

    I found your blog through Tall Mom's. Just thought i'd stop by and say Hi. i am always looking for more veteran runners to watch so i can pick your brain for tips! lol

  4. Great job on the 14 miler! You are speedy mcspeederson girl!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my digs and becoming a follower! I absolutely love your family, you are so cute!!!

    Keep up the great training! Happy Trails!

  5. Awesome pace!! Swedish Fish as fuel??? I'm totally down with that! :)