Sunday, November 1, 2009

27 miles and Sarah Palin

This week I was suppose to run 30 miles but I ran 27. I missed my 3 mile run on Friday because I had an appointment to get new glasses and went to a Halloween party...Just didn't fit it in. I don't really feel that bad though. All my runs went well this week and I'm excited to have 2 more weeks before I officially start my marathon schedule.

This week I'm going to follow a schedule similar to last week, but just run a 10 mile long run instead of 9. I read in Advanced Marathoning that one of the best things you can do for your leg muscles as a runner is hills. Consequently, I'm gonna make sure I get in one hill workout this week. I'm also gonna drop my lower body workout and add another upperbody workout.

Here's the run down:

Monday: 3 miles + upper body workout
Tuesday: 6 miles (hills or progression run)
Wednesday: 3 miles + upper body workout
Thursday: 6 miles (hills or progression run)
Friday: 2 miles + upper body workout
Saturday: 10 mile long run

Total Miles: 30 miles

For kicks and giggles, here's a Halloween pic of me as Sarah Palin:

I was going for sort of the Tina Fey version. Palin is kind of irritating to me, but I've gotta give the woman some props for being a runner!


  1. Great costume!

    Looks like a good plan for this week. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Laura - re: your comment... (not annoying at all)

    I used these instructions to set up the 3-column blog.

    It took forever and I'd recommend testing it out on a dummy blog first (create a new one for test purposes).

    Good luck!

  3. Somehow I fell off your follower list.. UMM!! Sorry!! I am BAACK.. Hugs to that costume how stinkin cute are you??

  4. lol - fun costume! hope your week is progressing along smoothly with all those workouts!

    thanks for the support before/during/after the nyc marathon! it was definitely felt and appreciated :)