Friday, July 31, 2009

Excellent Easy Run

Today's Workout: 5.25 mile easy run, about 3/5ths uphill

Tomorrow's Workout: 8 mile run, no slower than 8:20 pace

Thought: "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity." ~Henry David Thoreau

Today I ran one of my favorite runs and it felt great. It's not my favorite because it's flat because a large portion is uphill. It's a favorite because it's beautiful, and that's exactly what I needed today. I left my stopwatch at home and just ran and needless to say, it felt great. I'm excited about my long run tomorrow but am unsure how fast I should run it. I'd like to run 8:00 miles for my race next weekend. My schedule says to run at my projected half marathon pace + 20 seconds, but I'm tempted to run it quicker than that because I'd actually like to run the race a little quicker and I figure it's better to train for a little under your projected goal. If I just run the race at a 7:59 pace, I'll be the happiest girl this side of the Mississippi. I'm thinking I'm going to take off the 20 seconds tomorrow and shoot for an 8:00 pace. Any suggestions? Criticisms?


  1. No criticisms! YOU GO GIRL! You're amazing. Keep up the good work. I hope I'll be able to improve and get to your level at some point in my running "career".

  2. I'd be hesitant to push too hard, since you want to be fresh for the race. BUT, you still have a week to recover. Have fun!

  3. dude are you on ? you should be. you could be my friend on there. it is cool and easy to track and pretty much does the same job as your blog with less work...dude i love you..and i am getting myself good running shoes for my red rock race what do you suggest...they are also my bday present to you lots becca

  4. hope the run went well! i think you would've been ok to push a little harder than 8:20, so i hope you did! :)